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Neurodegeneration &



The Asia-Pacific Neuroscience Student Congress (APNSC) is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. APNSC facilitates cross-border exchange among students interested in neuroscience. 

APNSC provides a professional platform for students to learn from inspirational scientists and physicians, and connect with their peers in neuroscience. 

Sept 3-4

Kai Chong Tong Auditorium

 CUHK Medical Centre

*Virtual options available for international delegates

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What is APNSC-HKSAN 2022?

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Neuroscience Student Congress and Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience 3rd Annual Conference (APNSC-HKSAN 2022) is an exciting 2-day gathering in September 2022 where you will meet and learn from expert neuroscientists and clinicians from the top universities and institutions.


APNSC-HKSAN 2022 is the keynote annual event of HKSAN. HKSAN, the first and largest neuroscience student association in Hong Kong, will bring you the forefront of neuroscience at CUHK Medical Centre and give you the reins to explore ground-breaking neuroscience works in-depth.

Why join APNSC-HKSAN 2022?


1. Gain thought-provoking insights into the enigmas of neuroscience

APNSC serves as an invaluable opportunity for undergraduates to learn about both basic and clinical neuroscience and to cultivate their passions for the brain-related sciences.

2. Explore the biggest topics in neuroscience with like-minded, dedicated peers

Build long-lasting connections with peers sharing the same interest in neuroscience.

3. Learn from world-class faculty from Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Yale, UCL, Duke, HKU, CUHK and more

A collection of world-renowned speakers ensures delegates are exposed to the newest developments and technologies at the forefront of neurodegeneration and neuro-oncology.

What is neurodegeneration? What is neuro-oncology? 

Explore the clinical and translational aspects of the full breadth of debilitating neurological disorders in APNSC-HKSAN 2022.


Neurodegenerative diseases involves the progressive degeneration and ultimately, death of neurons. Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease represent the most common neurodegenerative diseases. Most neurodegenerative diseases have no cure; present technology only allows for ameliorating the devastating symptoms. In APNSC-HKSAN 2022, our speakers will share with us their research on the potential of novel therapies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Neuro-oncology encompasses conditions that involve the uncontrolled proliferation of nervous system cells – including the tenacious ‘living’ of immature glia. Glioblastoma (GBM), the most common primary brain tumour in adults, remains near impossible to cure. Join our neuro-oncology speakers in APNSC-HKSAN 2022 in deciphering the underlying biology of nervous system tumours and developing novel therapeutic strategies for them.

Have questions about APNSC-HKSAN 2022?
Email us at or message us on IG @hksaneuroscience

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