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Dr Sandra Sau Man CHAN

Assistant Dean (Student Support)
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Dr Sandra Chan is currently the Assistant Dean (Student Support) of the Faculty of Medicine and Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr Chan completed her degree in Medicine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and has received her fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK), the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrist, and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Psychiatry).

Dr Chan’s research interest focuses on functional brain mapping for mood disorders, network-informed transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment-refractory major depressive disorder and prevention programs for suicide risk factors. She has 2059 citations and a Hirsch index of 31. She is well-known for her commitments not only to patients caring and medically advanced research as a psychiatrist but also towards teaching and student support in many different capacities. She is the leader of the Wellness Counselling Team at the Faculty of Medicine, providing and integrating resilience and self-care modules into the demanding and stressful medical curriculum.

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