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【隔離病人要用心、病人安全要著緊】[How to ensure the safety of isolated patients?]


醫護和病人的溝通極為重要,保持良好和互相信賴的關係,讓病人有心理準備和選舉權。這都是建立「以人為本」醫療不可或缺的元素。 .

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the effectiveness of quarantine is widely discussed. However, the safety of patients under quarantined patients should not be ignored.Studies revealed that quarantined patients are more susceptible to negative clinical and mental impacts. While isolation is inevitable, there are different ways to improve quality of care.

The communication between health workers and patients is vital. In order to build a people-centred health system, it is essential to maintain good doctor-patient relationships, facilitate patients’ choice and mentally empower patients.

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