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  • Who can join this activity?
    Form 4 (Year 10) or Form 5 (Year 11) students are welcome to join.
  • What is my role? What can I gain?
    In this activity, you will learn how to identify and handle acute neurological and psychiatric disorders, protect the people around through delivering appropriate, ‘speedy’ emergency support responses, and improve the brain health of the community. In addition, you will be able to explore your career through closely interacting with CP, doctors, and neuroscientists, and gain clinical experience through interacting with patients, and see whether you are suitable for clinical work. Last but not least, you can also make like-minded friends who share similar aspirations.
  • Who will be leading me?
    Throughout this activity, trained and equipped undergraduates that are majoring in medicine, biomedical sciences, psychology, etc. will be leading you to learn new knowledge! You can also mingle with them and know more about their experiences in handling public examinations, university admission and their university lives as well.
  • How do I go from one spot to another on the university campus?
    Don’t worry about getting lost! The group leaders will lead the group to walk a certain route to get to the next destination throughout the entire day in this activity.
  • What if I cannot attend the Workshop?
    You can only excuse from the Workshop with a valid reason, such as having an assessment/interview, falling ill, undergoing a quarantine. You are required to notify HKSAN as soon as possible. You are also required to submit a valid document, such as a relevant assessment/interview notification, a medical certificate, a quarantine order, for proof. You are recommended by the school to participate in this Workshop. Therefore, the activities of this Workshop are part of the learning that you are required to undergo. Failing to attend the Workshop without providing a valid reason may cause you to bear some responsibilities in your school.
  • How are the lunches arranged?
    The lunches will be arranged in groups. You will be led by the group leaders to eat with other group members. The eatery will be decided by the group leaders and HKSAN in view of the needs of all group members on the day.
  • Where are we going to have lunch?
    For day 1 in CUHK, you will be eating in a canteen on CUHK campus. For day 2 in HKU, you will be eating in a restaurant around HKU Sassoon Road campus (e.g. in Sai Ying Pun or in Kennedy Town). The choice of the eatery will be subject to the decision of the group leader and HKSAN in view of the needs of all group members.
  • How much are the lunches?
    Participants are needed to pay for their lunches individually. Please prepare around $200 in total.
  • How do I go to HKU Med Campus?
    1) You can take the MTR to HKU Station, exit through exit A1. You can then take bus no. 4, 4X, 7, 30X, 40, 40M, 90B, 91, 94, 970, 970X, or 973, and get off at Queen Mary Hospital stop. Then, you can cross Pok Fu Lam Road by walking along the footbridge, and walk along Sassoon Road down to HKU Med Campus. 2) You can also board at the west gate at HKU station and take 8X minibus to get off right in front of HKU Med campus. 3) Alternatively, you can also take the MTR to Kennedy Town Station. At Exit A, you can take 54M or 58A minibus to arrive at Queen Mary Hospital. Similarly, you can cross Pok Fu Lam Road by walking along the footbridge, and walk along Sassoon Road down to HKU Med Campus.
  • How do I go to CUHK campus?
    You can take the MTR to University station, which will directly take you to the campus.
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