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Executive Committee 2021/22

propic Head of Finance Harry Ko.png


propic P Victor Mak.png
propic IVP Brandon Chan.png
HKSAN Robert EVP.png
propic Head of Marketing Michelia Wong (ver 1).png

Department of Scientific Research

propic RES Matthew Ling.png
propic RES Alisha Chun.png
propic RES Serena Yu.png
propic RES Briana Yip.png
propic RES Charmaine Hung.png
propic RES Zoey Lee.png
propic RES Wendy Hon.png
propic RES Kelly Cheung.png
propic RES Jason Li.png

Department of Clinical Experience

propic CLIN Dickson Yiu.png
propic CLIN Andy Ng (1).png
propic CLIN Michael Kwok.png
propic CLIN Safari Chiu.png
propic CLIN Desmond Chan.png
propic CLIN Denise Huang.png
propic CLIN Joshua Cheng.png
propic CLIN Jacky Chan.png

Department of Public Health

propic PUB Ryan Mak.png
propic PUB Agnes Cho.png
propic PUB Michael So.png
propic PUB Beatrice Sun.png
propic PUB Karl Wong.png
propic PUB Benita Wong.png
propic PUB Rachael Ma.png
propic PUB Lauren Wong.png
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