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Mandy YUEN

Internal Vice President

Hi! I’m Mandy, a Year 3 medical student from the University of Hong Kong. To me, neuroscience is nothing but the visualization of the word—life, in its diverse forms. It is a rich amalgam of our experiences and emotions. Neuroscience creates the story of my life, our life. Founding Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience (HKSAN) with Queenie and Jimmy means a lot to me—the proclamation of neuroscience’s impactful role to those around us.

My major interests lie within the correlation between various brain imaging modalities and stroke and telemedicine in neurology, especially in COVID-19 era. Also fascinated by the similarity between brain neural network and deep learning algorithms, I am currently exploring the potentials of artificial intelligence in medical education. That being said, I am a life enthusiast, just like neuroscience! Give me a cup of freshly brewed coffee – it lights up my heart and soul just as it awakes my brain!

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