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Matthew CHOW

Executive Officer, Department of Scientific Research

The human brain is the most complex organ in the animal kingdom. No other species is capable of generating the same degree of higher consciousness as human beings. Yet the intricate nature of the brain is precisely what restrains medical science from developing effective therapeutic techniques for neurological diseases- in fact, we probably know more about the surface of the Moon than our brain!

‘I think, therefore I am.’ All that we perceive and do are ultimately products of neural activity. I have long been fascinated by the inner workings of our brain and I wish to delve ever deeper into the mysteries within. My participation- and subsequent championship- at the first Hong Kong Brain Bee ( ) has fuelled me with renewed interest in neurological research and a desire to further unravel the mystical veils surrounding disorders that to this day remain incurable.

As Executive Officer of the HKSAN Department of Research, I am actively involved in research projects surrounding the brain and how medications/lifestyle factors may affect its function. As a future doctor, I aspire to use neuroscientific knowledge to cure diseases, spearhead new scientific developments, and inspire like-minded medical students through HKSAN’s initiatives.

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