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Oscar CHOU

Director, Department of Scientific Research

I am currently a medical student studying in HKU. This year, I am intercalating a MRes[Med] degree in HKU researching in Cardiology. During my enrichment year, I studied a MSc in Medical Microbiology in LSHTM and completed my dissertation under the guidance and supervision from Dr Rob White and Professor Paul Farrell in Imperial College London.

I am passionate in conducting both basic science research and clinical research. My main research interests rest in oncology, virology, cardiology and regenerative medicine. As such, I spent most of my efforts in the past year researching in Epstein Barr virus (EBV).

EBV is estimated to cause around 5% of the cancers worldwide. I have been conducting studies on understanding the splicing pattern EBNA-LP during LCL upon EBV infection using RNA-seq long reads.

Medicine is a subject that develops and evolves by continuous research. In my opinion, it is most satisfying when understanding the knowledge about the nature can be applied to help patients. I hope that I will be able to share this passion and excitement with others through HKSAN.

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