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Queenie WONG

Founding President

Hello everyone! I am Queenie, a Year 4 medical student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It is my great pleasure to introduce the Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience (HKSAN) to you all.

Neuroscience has always been a multidisciplinary area of science and arts. Nowadays, more and more people have recognised the increasing popularity of neuroscience and the importance of neurological and psychological health. Therefore, I am very honoured and blessed to work with an enthusiastic team to found the Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience. Together, we are determined to enlighten our future pillars, enrich the development of neuroscience, and empower the general public with knowledge and empathy. Together, we will connect and inspire students in Hong Kong for the advancement and popularisation of neuroscience.

The founding of HKSAN and realisation of our passion are attributed to the concerted efforts of every member in the Founding Committee. I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our Honorary Advisors who have kindly given us a lot of valuable advice and support. I have every confidence in the growth and development of neuroscience and HKSAN. When dedication meets diversity, when passion drives perfection, when neuroholics form a new family, we ‘brain’ love to society.

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