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Hybrid Exhibition
1 - 3 October 2021

Foyer, William Mong M.W. Building,
LKS Faculty of Medicine,
The University of Hong Kong

Collaborative Exhibitor


The Department of Culture, Education and Science provides information, advices and supports on the development of French influence and cooperation through culture, art, science and education related projects. Bringing together French and Hong Kong organisations is one of the main missions of the Department, which particularly encourages long-term exchange, co-production or training programmes.


Science is a core dimension of France international influence and attractiveness. French scientific expertise covers a broad range of scientific topics areas such as archaeology, life science, robotics and electronics, or astronomy and spatial science.  French Scientific Culture is articulated around 4 cross-cutting priorities tied to global challenges: the links between arts and science; sustainable development and climate change; women in science; and the history of science and technology.


France has:

  • More than 6000 scientists and professionals involved in scientific culture promotion

  • A large-scale and dynamic network of Scientific Culture institutions and associations 

  • A diverse range of local, national and international events and activities organized each year

2021 French Science Festival - [BRAIN]STORM

Since one year and a half , humans are experiencing unknown with the worldwide health crisis. What are the impacts of this situation on our behaviours? 


Due to the circumstances, we tend to discover some hidden places in our inner feelings, and experience changes in the perception of our surroundings. The Science Festival [BRAIN]STORM is honouring French excellence in neurosciences.


Actors from the scientific, educational & cultural sectors will team up around the topic of «Feelings, Perception and Dreams ».


Stay tuned on our social media to join us for exciting scientific and interactive activities!

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