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Hybrid Exhibition
1 - 3 October 2021

Foyer, William Mong M.W. Building,
LKS Faculty of Medicine,
The University of Hong Kong

Gold Sponsor

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The Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (“JYCGIF”) is a Hong Kong-based charitable initiative that seeks to inspire and empower teenage girls across Asia with the education access, tech mindset and knowhow, and leadership development opportunities to lead in a rapidly-changing digital economy. Despite enormous strides over the last few decades, women leaders remain underrepresented across all industries and sectors. Teen girls are key to closing the gender gap in leadership, as adolescence provides a window in which to reduce and even prevent gender biases. Our initiatives equip teen girls with the future-ready resources they need to lead in everything they do.


JYCGIF was founded by educational thought leader, Jennifer Yu Cheng, who has been committed to promoting educational development in Hong Kong for over a decade. For details, please visit:


Future Ready Leadership Development

At JYCGIF, we believe that providing teenage girls with rich STEM learning opportunities and exposure to women trailblazers with STEM backgrounds will empower them to approach every possible career path as future ready leaders.


We also believe that all girls possess the grit, talent and courage to lead – they just need help unlocking them! Creating the next generation of future ready leaders is the cornerstone to effecting tangible change in girls’ lives and to healthier communities and stronger economies everywhere.

STEM Exposure & Skills

At JYCGIF, we believe that change starts early. By exposing teenage girls to women trailblazers whose STEM training helped them succeed in a diverse range of careers, we hope to empower teen girls to think like innovators and solve problems like scientists and engineers – to buoy their interest in studying STEM-related subjects with the ultimate goal of increasing women’s leadership representation across all sectors and industries in our increasingly tech-driven world.


Education Access

At JYCGIF, we know that investing in girls’ education at once alleviates poverty and empowers the next generation of future ready women leaders. With an education, girls grow up to earn dramatically higher incomes, becoming key decision makers, responsible for the health, education and financial security of their families. They become future ready leaders!

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