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Publications and Promotions Officer, Department of Scientific Research

Hey guys this is Kevin, currently studying year 4 medicine in HKU. I would describe myself as a person interested in many different areas of life, as well as in the medical field. Without having a strong background in neuroscience, I joined the team as I was attracted by the goals and the aspirations of HKSAN, and I came to appreciate that neuroscience is an up-and-coming field in medicine, especially with breakthroughs in previously untreatable diseases such as Alzheimer's. Throughout my prior experiences in medical school I also find research a rewarding and rigorous process, which i very much enjoy.

My job is the publication and promotion officer for our department, meaning that you might see me carrying a camera around at events and I could be in charge of some of the promotional materials you see in social media. However, I am also interested in research itself and will contribute in some future activities by the research department as well. Stay tuned to our activities as they are both interesting and relevant to make important decisions in your future career!

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