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Victor MAK

Executive Officer, Department of Scientific Research

I’m Victor Mak, a GPS medical student at CUHK. I’m always looking for new challenges!
I’m very excited to learn more about the intricate nervous system. The vast opportunities in studying and exploring biology’s greatest mystery make neuroscience appealing to me. I’m particularly interested in understanding in more detail about the enigmatic process of neuroregeneration, as learning more about the molecular events behind neuroregeneration allows me to develop actionable insights into numerous debilitating nervous system disorders, such as stroke and spinal cord injury.
I have a research project on paralysis and a laboratory tour I’m responsible for during my tenure at HKSAN that I very much look forward to implementing in the future.
Besides my medical studies, I love playing tennis and football. I’m currently a member of the S.H. Ho College Tennis Team at CUHK. I have also recently volunteered for Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy and had previously dedicated my weekend hours to serve as a volunteer for the elderly under Haven of Hope Christian Service.
As a member of the HKSAN family, it would be a great joy for me to share my passion for neuroscience with you.

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