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【你有被新型冠狀病毒的新聞所困擾嗎?】[Do you feel overwhelmed by news of Coronavirus?]


中大醫學院「2019新型冠狀病毒社區研究」結果指出,市民對疫情的風險感知屬於高水平,88% 受訪者自覺有很大機會感染新型冠狀病毒。98%受訪者對新型冠狀病毒疫情表示焦慮;受訪者的平均焦慮指數為8.82分,反映市民的焦慮已達臨界點。香港人如何能夠保持心理健康?


另外香港大學醫學院製作了「心之流」工具,為大眾提供簡單精神健康檢查。連結網址於我們的Instagram bio : .

Since the first case of coronavirus in Hong Kong, various stakeholders have adopted measures that limit social interaction in order to reduce the risk of community spread. Starting from 2019, Hong Kong people have always been struggled by negative news, do you feel the same?

A community research on COVID-19 by CUHK pointed out that citizens have high awareness of the outbreak. 88% of respondents believed that they have high probability of infection. 98% of them feel anxious about the outbreak, with the average anxiety score of 8.82 at the borderline abnormal level. Under these circumstances, how can we maintain our mental health?

The UHS of University of California, Berkeley had a few suggestions for the public to improve mental health amid the overwhelming news of the outbreak. Anyone should seek professional help if necessary.

HKU Medicine has also designed an online form for basic screening of your mental health. Please visit the website linked in our bio for more information:

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