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Brain Emergency Support Workshop

SPEAD 緊急援腦教育工作坊

Certain brain disorders can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. However, if these diseases are not handled immediately, it is possible that severe and irreversible consequences can follow. Therefore, at the onset of these neurological or psychiatric disorders, it is important for the people nearby to identify such an onset, keep calm, and immediately offer suitable assistance. Unfortunately, the majority of the public lacks basic understanding of these brain disorders and are unable to identify the onset of these brain emergencies and provide suitable immediate support. 


Through SPEAD - Brain Emergency Support Workshop, secondary school students will be educated on the ways to identify and handle disorders including stroke, panic disorder, epilepsy, generalised anxiety disorder and depression. The initials of these disorders combine to be SPEAD, which is pronounced as ‘speed’ and echoes the fact that these diseases require speedy identification and support.  


In this two-day activity held in CUHK and HKU, lectures on the knowledge underlying the aforementioned brain diseases will be delivered, while participants will learn the practical ways of handling these diseases through group interactive sessions. Moreover, career sharing by healthcare and research professionals will be arranged so those interested in psychology/ medicine/ neuroscience can understand and explore the career paths in these fields. Most importantly, participants can gain clinical interaction experiences through communicating with patients or carers who may have dealt with neurological disorders. 


To those interested in psychology, medicine or neuroscience, SPEAD workshop may be a good opportunity for you to explore more in these fields!

In SPEAD, there are...


Sharing from neuroscience-related professionals 

Healthcare and research professionals who are working in neuroscience-related domains will share their experiences during their career and personal development. You can interact with them and know more about your aspiring career.


Deep dive lectures & Basic communication skills training workshop 

Deep dive lectures on stroke, epilepsy, panic, generalised anxiety and major depressive disorders will be delivered. A basic communication skill training workshop will also be held such that you can be prepared to effectively support a friend showing mood disturbances.


Patient/Caregiver Interaction & Mindfulness workshop

You may closely interact with a patient or a caregiver who may have dealt with a certain brain disease. You can also try out mindfulness - a stress-relieving exercise that is increasingly adopted by mental health professionals.

campus exploration.jpg

Campus exploration

By visiting the campuses of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), you can have a chance to explore university campuses.


Undergraduates' sharing

Undergraduates who are now studying medicine, biomedical sciences or psychology may share their lives as a university student. They may also share their experiences when being admitted to their majors.


Like-minded individuals

SPEAD converges secondary school students who share similar interests and aspirations. You can make friends with those who are also interested in medicine, psychology or neuroscience!

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